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How To Identify The Quality Of 304 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet Material By Chemical Analysis?

May. 10, 2019

Chemical analysis is based on the corresponding chemical reaction to determine the composition of the 304 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet material, this method is collectively referred to as chemical analysis. Chemical analysis can also be divided into qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis. Through qualitative analysis, it is possible to identify which elements are contained in the stainless steel sheet material, but it is impossible to determine their content. Quantitative analysis is used to accurately determine the proportion of various elements in the material. Therefore, quantitative analysis is mainly used in actual production.

Quantitative analysis can be further divided into gravimetric analysis and volumetric analysis. The gravimetric method uses an appropriate separation means to separate the elements to be measured from the other components in the 304 Brush Stainless Steel Plates, and then uses the weighing method to measure the element content. The volumetric analysis method uses a standard solution (a solution of a known concentration) to completely react with the element to be tested in the metal, and then calculates the element content in the material to be measured according to the volume of the standard solution consumed.

The principle of spectroscopic analysis is that various elements will generate their own unique spectra under high temperature and high energy excitation. A method of determining the chemical composition and the approximate content of a stainless steel plate based on the characteristic spectrum formed by the element being excited is called a spectral analysis method. Generally, the sample is excited by an external energy source such as an electric arc, an electric spark, or a laser, so that the elements in the material to be tested emit a characteristic spectrum. After spectroscopic analysis, it is compared with the chemical element spectrum table to analyze.

Super-species is a spark identification method. This method is mainly used for the identification of steel components. In the grinding of grinding wheels, due to friction and high temperature, the number, shape, bifurcation and color of sparks formed when various elements and particles are oxidized will be The difference is used to identify the chemical composition and approximate content of the material.

304 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet

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