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Process Characteristics Of 304 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet

Jan. 12, 2019

1, oil brush drawing

304 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet has a perfect decorative effect after oil grinding, and is widely used in decorative boards such as elevators and home appliances. Cold-rolled 304 series stainless steel can generally achieve good results after one grinding. At present, there are some processing centers on the market that can provide oil-based frosting of hot-rolled stainless steel, which is comparable to that of cold-rolled oil plants. Oily stretching is also divided into filaments and short filaments. Elevator decoration generally uses filament, various small appliances, kitchen utensils and other lines have a choice.

2, dry grinding and drawing

The most common filaments and short filaments on the market, after being processed by stainless steel such as 316 stainless steel, show a good decorative effect and can meet the requirements of general decorative materials. In general, 304 Brush Stainless Steel Plates can form a good result after a single scrub. Because of its low cost, simple operation, low processing cost, and widespread use, this processing equipment is a necessary equipment for machining centers. Therefore, most machining centers can provide sanding plates with filaments and short wires, of which 304 steel accounts for more than 80%.

304 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet

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