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Introduction Of Various Process Properties Of 304 Polish Stainless Steel Coil Materials

May. 07, 2019

First, look at the forgeability, which refers to a property in which the 304 Polish Stainless Steel material can change shape without forming cracks during press working. It can be processed by hammer forging, rolling, drawing, extrusion, etc. in the hot or cold state. Among them, the forgeability depends mainly on the chemical composition of the stainless steel coil material.

Followed by castability, this means that the stainless steel coil material can be cast to obtain the performance of a qualified casting. Castability mainly includes fluidity, shrinkage and segregation. Fluidity refers to the performance of liquid metal filling the mold; shrinkage refers to the degree of volume shrinkage when the casting solidifies; segregation refers to the chemical composition of the stainless steel coil during the cooling and solidification process due to the difference in crystallization And organizational heterogeneity.

The weldability is also called weldability, and refers to the adaptability of the 304 Stailess Steel Sheet material to the welding process. Mainly refers to the difficulty of obtaining high-quality welded joints of stainless steel coils under certain welding process conditions. It includes two aspects: one is the combination of performance, that is, the sensitivity of forming welding defects under certain welding process conditions; the second is the use performance, that is, under certain welding process conditions, the welded joint pair Use the required applicability.

The latter is the machinability, or the machinability and machinability. It refers to the difficulty of the stainless steel coil material being cut into a qualified workpiece after being cut by the cutter. The machinability is usually measured by the surface roughness of the workpiece after machining, the allowable cutting speed, and the degree of wear of the tool. It is related to many factors such as chemical composition, mechanical properties, thermal conductivity and degree of work hardening of stainless steel coil materials. It is usually judged by the hardness and toughness of the machinability. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness of the stainless steel coil material, the more difficult it is to cut, and if the hardness is not high, but the toughness is large, it is also difficult to cut.

304 Polish Stainless Steel

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