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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Surface Treatment Of 304 Stailess Steel Sheet?

Apr. 13, 2019

1 304 Stailess Steel Sheet If the part of the treated part has residual scale before heat treatment, there is a part of the scale remaining and the part without the scale after heating, the thickness and composition difference of the scale will occur, causing the surface after pickling Uniform, so not only pay attention to the end-of-heat treatment, but also pay attention to the intermediate heat treatment and pickling.

2 The surface of the Hot Rolled 304 Stainless Steel Plates that is in direct contact with the flame of the gas or the flame of the oil is different from the scale produced by the place where it is not in contact. Therefore, it is necessary to make the treatment member not directly contact the flame port when heating.

3 The surface cleanliness is different, even if it is heated, the scale on the surface is rough and the scale is not the same. For example, in a place where a local defect is cleaned and a place where it is not cleaned, the condition of forming a scale is different, so that the surface of the workpiece after pickling is uneven.

4 Stainless steel plate If there is debris on the surface, especially when organic matter or ash adheres to the workpiece, heating will of course have an effect on the scale. 7 Differences in the atmosphere of the stainless steel plate furnace The atmosphere in the furnace varies from place to place, and the formation of the scale also changes, which is also the cause of unevenness after pickling. Therefore, the atmosphere of each part of the furnace must be the same when heated. To this end, the cycle of the atmosphere must also be considered.

304 Stailess Steel Sheet

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