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Why Is The Surface Of The 304l Stainless Steel Pipe Not Painted?

Nov. 17, 2018

For the color stainless steel tubes on the market, the color of the surface is not painted, but is painted by a special process, and some merchants use spray paint to color the 304l Stainless Steel Pipe, which is actually the wrong way. 304 stainless steel tube manufacturers stainless steel tube to explain for everyone:

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to paint on 304 stainless steel pipes. Generally, the surface of the 304 stainless steel tube is relatively smooth, and it has anti-corrosion properties. Even after brushing, it will fall off after a while, so that the stainless steel tube does not look good.

304 stainless steel tube

304 stainless steel pipe is an alloy steel pipe, which has good corrosion resistance and should not be painted.

1, the role of painting is anti-corrosion, 304 stainless steel tube is corrosion-resistant, so no painting, painting is also a waste.

2, 304 stainless steel pipe is not painted basically has formed a consensus, after painting may be confused with carbon steel pipe or galvanized pipe.

3, Seamless Stainless Steel Tubing is stainless steel, painting is mainly to prevent rust, corrosion, etc., some other materials such as carbon steel need to be painted.

The surface painting of 304 stainless steel pipe is not very useful unless it is required by the customer's order

304l Stainless Steel Pipe

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