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Common Mechanical Correction Method For 304l Stainless Steel Plate

Dec. 06, 2018

The mechanical correction method uses mechanical or local heating to produce local micro-plastic deformation of the deformed 304l Stainless Steel Plate, accompanied by the release and redistribution of residual internal stress to achieve the purpose of correcting deformation. Commonly used mechanical correction methods include cold pressure correction, hot pressure correction before quenching to room temperature, pressure tempering correction, "hot spot" correction for local heating of deformed workpieces of 304l Stainless Steel Sheet using oxy-acetylene flame or high frequency, hammer Hit correction, etc. Mechanically calibrated 304L stainless steel sheets may partially recover to their original deformation and create new deformations during use, during placement, or during finishing, due to the attenuation and release of residual stress. Therefore, it is best not to perform mechanical correction for workpieces and precision parts that are subjected to high loads. When mechanical correction is necessary, the plastic strain obtained by the correction should exceed the plastic deformation strain of the heat treatment deformation, but the corrected plastic deformation must be controlled within a small range, generally greater than 10 times the elastic ultimate strain, and less than 10 times the conditional strength limit. One of the points. Correction should be carried out as soon as possible after quenching of the 304L stainless steel plate. After the calibration, the residual stress treatment should be eliminated. Correction of heat-treated deformed workpieces requires the operator to have skilled techniques and expensive parts. Therefore, calibration automation is an important task for heat treatment workers.

304l Stainless Steel Plate

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