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What Is Reason For Argon Arc Welding Of 310s Stainless Steel Plate Foaming?

Apr. 20, 2019

When I welded two 310s Stainless Steel Plates with argon arc welding, the first time I burned it was normal. Because there were some small holes, I had a second welding, but there were bubbles. I would like to ask you why, thank you!

The first welding has some small bubbles, so the repair welding, but the bubble is bigger, can not be welded, the thickness of 310s Stainless Steel Sheet is 0.6mm, the material is 201, please give me a good answer!

Answer: There may be the following reasons:

1. The weld is not cleaned. There are oil, water, etc.

2. The shielding gas is not pure.

3. The tip of the wire is exposed to the air.

Repair method:

1. Turn the air hole to the optical machine.

2. Clean the surface to be welded. (Can be cleaned with acetone if necessary)

3. Use 99.99% argon

4. The wire end should always be protected by inert gas during welding.

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