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Which Stainless Steel Plate Is More Resistant To High Temperatures?

Mar. 05, 2019

The 310s Stainless Steel Sheet is a high-alloy stainless steel of the 25Cr-20Ni system. It has excellent high-temperature oxidation resistance and is suitable for making various furnace components. The maximum temperature is 1200 ° C and the continuous use temperature is 1150 ° C. Has good oxidation resistance; non-magnetic in solid solution state; high temperature strength; good solderability. Scope of application: Exhaust pipes, pipes, heat treatment furnaces, heat exchangers, incinerators and other steel types requiring high heat resistance, high heat and high temperature contact parts.

316L is a stainless steel grade, AISI 316L is the corresponding US number, and SUS 316L is the corresponding Japanese number. China's standard grade is 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 (new standard), the old grade is 00Cr17Ni14Mo2, which means that the number of Cr, Ni, Mo mainly contains the percentage. 316l Stainless Steel Plate cold-rolled product has good gloss appearance. Due to the addition of Mo, it has good corrosion resistance, especially excellent pitting resistance; excellent high temperature strength; excellent work hardening property (weak magnetic property after processing); solid solution state is non-magnetic; 304 stainless steel, the price is slightly higher. Its acid resistance is also improved. Adding a small amount of molybdenum (Mo): ≤2.00~3.00, it can improve the acid corrosion resistance and the ability to resist stress corrosion.

316L stainless steel has good oxidation resistance in intermittent use below 1600 °C and continuous use below 700 °C. In the range of 800-1575 degrees, it is best not to continue to act. 316L stainless steel, but when 316L stainless steel is continuously used outside this temperature range, the stainless steel has good heat resistance. 316L stainless steel has better carbide precipitation resistance than 316L stainless steel and can be compared with the above temperature range. If compared, the high temperature resistance of 310s is slightly higher than 316L.

310s Stainless Steel Sheet

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