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What Is The 300 Series Stainless Steel Plate?

Mar. 16, 2019

310s Stainless Steel Sheet has the widest use as a stainless steel heat-resistant plate because of its good corrosion resistance, high strength, long life and good surface gloss and color. Applicable to food equipment, general chemical equipment, especially the decoration industry.

310s Stainless Steel Plate is currently the 300 series of plates that our company focuses on. Have a complete inbound and outbound channel and a good sales channel. 304 stainless steel is the most widely used chromium and nickel stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. Corrosion resistant in the atmosphere, if it is an industrial atmosphere or heavily polluted areas, it needs to be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion. Suitable for processing, storage and transportation of food. Has good processing properties and solderability. Plate heat exchangers, bellows, household goods, building materials, chemicals, food industry, etc. 304 stainless steel is a nationally recognized food grade stainless steel.

310s Stainless Steel Sheet

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