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Application Characteristics Of 310s Stainless Steel Sheet In Construction Field

Mar. 29, 2019

For the roof structure of a building, its service life and appearance should be equally valued. In the airport restaurant, the exhaust fans are covered with stainless steel plates to make the roof beautiful. In the selection of covering materials, but also special emphasis on the non-reflective materials. The selected material is 310s Stainless Steel Sheet, rough polishing, low reflection, 6 class finish. Special attention should be paid to the selection of the light quality, especially the glare, which will hinder the sight of the pilot when landing at the destination

The stainless steel plate carries on the surface processing, some buildings the wall 310s Stainless Steel Plate, 8K mirror surface polishing stainless steel to make the material. Interconnecting stainless steel plates are polished and tinted to give the walls a consistent tint and reflection. To prevent oil and dirt, the exposed portion of a large area of wuxi stainless steel plate is installed in a thick sandwich consisting of galvanized and compressed plates. The polished stainless steel plate is bonded to the galvanized steel plate by epoxy resin.

So, from a comprehensive point of view, wuxi stainless steel plate in the construction industry is now widely used, in addition, different levels of surface finish for a variety of different building facilities to provide a range of options to meet the actual needs.

310s Stainless Steel Sheet

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