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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Surface Treatment Of 316l Stainless Steel Plate?

Apr. 10, 2019

If the 316l Stainless Steel Plate is attached with oil on the surface of the workpiece during heating, the thickness of the scale at the oil adhering portion and the thickness and composition of the oxide scale in other parts are different, and carburization occurs. The portion of the subcutaneous matrix metal that is carburized will be severely attacked by acid. When the heavy oil burner is burned on the workpiece, the oil droplets sprayed on the workpiece will have a great influence. The fingerprint of the operator is also affected when it is attached to the workpiece. Therefore, do not touch the stainless steel directly with your hand, and do not let the workpiece stain with new oil. Must be worn with clean gloves.

If there is lubricating oil adhering to the surface of the 316 Stainless Steel Plate during cold working, it must be fully degreased in trichloroethylene degreaser and caustic soda solution, then rinsed with warm water and then heat treated. The bricks, asbestos, etc., which constitute the gantry for heating the workpiece, if water is contained, the water will evaporate upon heating, and the portion directly contacting the water vapor will be different from the atmosphere of the other portions, and the formation of the scale will of course be different. Therefore, objects that are in direct contact with the heated workpiece must be thoroughly dried before use. However, if it is placed at room temperature after drying, the moisture will still condense on the surface of the workpiece at high humidity. Therefore, super good is to dry before use.

316l Stainless Steel Plate

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