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316L stainless steel plate identification method

May. 11, 2020

316L stainless steel plate identification method: the appropriate diameter steel balls and steel sand mixed in a certain proportion, made of mixed abrasive. The production process includes smelting, atomizing granulation, drying, sieving, quenching, smashing, tempering, screening, mixing, and packaging. Adding a certain proportion of round steel shot in the steel sand solves the problem of poor flowability of the steel sand. The consumption of mixed metal abrasives per ton of steel descaling medium is greatly reduced, from the original 5kg to less than 2Kg, greatly reducing the descaling cost of stainless steel cold-rolled raw materials and reducing the raw material roughness from the original 5-7um to 2.79-3. .83μm, 15-20% more than the use of a single steel shot descaling effect, the surface quality of the steel plate greatly improved. With ferritic stainless steel as the basic raw material, ferritic stainless steel strips are produced through smelting, slag slagging, preheating, casting, casting, and post-processing. Casting temperature is controlled from 1500°C to 1600°C, casting speed is from 10 to 50m/min, and casting pressure is from 50 to 200KN. The equipment used includes medium-frequency induction furnace, casting mill, and tundish. The cast-rolling mill is a twin-roll horizontal casting mill equipped with internal-cooled rolls. The cast-rolling mill is equipped with the on-line preheating device, an on-line air supply device, and an on-line bath temperature. Detection device and liquid level detection device, automatic roller gap adjustment device, roller speed automatic adjustment device.

 316l stainless steel sheet

316l stainless steel sheet    

From a durable point of view, the best material should be a 316l stainless steel sheet, especially used as a surface material, the brighter it is. Its strength, corrosion resistance, color unchanged. However, there are many types of 316L stainless steel plates, which can be mainly divided into ferrite and austenite. Ferritic 316L stainless steel plate is magnetic, commonly known as stainless iron, long time, the bad environment will also rust, only austenitic 316L stainless steel plate will not rust, the identification method is very simple, a test with a magnet can be identified.

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