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Corrosion resistance Of 904l Stainless Steel Bar

Nov. 05, 2018

904l Stainless Steel BarL is a low-carbon, high-alloy austenitic stainless steel designed for corrosive environments. It has better corrosion resistance than 316L and 317L, while taking into account price and performance. Due to the addition of 1.5% copper, it has excellent corrosion resistance for reducing acids such as sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. It also has excellent corrosion resistance to stress corrosion, pitting and crevice corrosion caused by chloride ions, and has good resistance to intergranular corrosion. In pure sulfuric acid in the concentration range of 0-98%, 904L can be used up to 40 degrees Celsius. The corrosion resistance is very good in pure phosphoric acid in the concentration range of 0-85%. In industrial phosphoric acid produced by the wet process, impurities have a strong influence on corrosion resistance. Among all the various phosphoric acids, 904L is superior in corrosion resistance to ordinary stainless steel.

In the highly oxidizing nitric acid, 904L has lower corrosion resistance than the highly alloyed steel without molybdenum. In hydrochloric acid, the use of 904l Stainless Steel Rod is limited to a lower concentration of 1-2%. In this concentration range. 904L has better corrosion resistance than conventional stainless steel. 904L steel has a high resistance to pitting corrosion. It resists crevice corrosion in chloride solutions. The force is also very good. The high nickel content of the 904L reduces the rate of corrosion at the pits and gaps. Ordinary austenitic stainless steels may be sensitive to stress corrosion in a chloride-rich environment at temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius, which can be reduced by increasing the nickel content of the stainless steel. Due to its high nickel content, 904L has high resistance to stress corrosion cracking in chloride solutions, concentrated hydroxide solutions and hydrogen sulfide-rich environments.

904l Stainless Steel Bar

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