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How To Control The Thickness Difference Of Aluminum Foil?

Jul. 29, 2019

Today we would like to share with you the methods to control the thickness difference of aluminum foil.

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Aluminium Hairdressing Foil

Aluminium Hairdressing Foil

Control the thickness difference of aluminum foil:

The difficulty in controlling the thickness deviation is a feature of aluminum box rolling. The thickness difference of 3% is not difficult to control in the production of sheet and strip, but it is difficult to control in the production of aluminum foil.

As the thickness of the aluminum box is reduced, its trace conditions can affect, such as temperature, oil film, oil and gas concentration. A roll of aluminum foil can reach several hundred thousand meters, and the rolling time is up to about 10 hours. The error of thickness measurement is easy to form with time.

The only way to adjust the thickness of the aluminum foil is tension and speed.

These factors all contribute to the difficulty of thick control of aluminum foil rolling.

Therefore, the true control of the aluminum box thickness difference is less than 3%, it is necessary to use a number of conditions to ensure: the use of qualified thickness of aluminum foil blank; adjustment during rolling, control of the reduction and roll type, and the roll is ground according to the specified parameters Stable rolling process; the thickness of the aluminum box is measured during the rolling process so as not to be found when the side thickness system fails.

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