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Use Of Aluminum Foil

Sep. 24, 2019

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Aluminum foil paper is a paper obtained by bonding aluminum foil backing paper and aluminum foil paste. Soft and easy to change, like paper, and does not rebound after deformation. Can be qualitative, to ensure that the shading, not falling, opaque, non-polluting, cheap. For high-grade cigarettes, candy and other food moisture and decorative packaging. The surface of the aluminum foil bag generally has anti-gloss properties, does not absorb light, and is made of multiple layers. Therefore, the aluminum foil paper has good light-shielding property, strong insulation, and has a very high composition of aluminum. Good oil resistance and softness. Compared to plastic bags, aluminum foil bags are not toxic or have a special smell. It is definitely a green raw product, an environmentally friendly product, and an aluminum foil bag that meets the national sanitary standards.

Food Package Aluminum Foil Paper

Food Package Aluminum Foil Paper

Aluminum foil paper is used in a wide range of applications, such as aerospace food packaging, general meat packaging, and cigarette packaging. Experts divided it into more than 20 varieties according to the characteristics of its application. Due to the differences in economic development levels in different countries, there is also a large gap in the consumption structure of aluminum foil. In developed countries in Europe and America, aluminum foil products for packaging account for 70% of total demand. In the Chinese market, aluminum foil is mainly used as raw materials for industrial manufacturing, and packaging aluminum foil accounts for only 30% of the total domestic demand. Although the development of aluminum foil packaging is relatively late, the market is growing rapidly and the prospects are attracting attention.

Aluminum foil paper is quite remarkable in construction application. It is more convenient, clean and especially beautiful when it is pasted on the surface of the insulation material to reach a new height. But the effect of different kinds of aluminum foil paper is very different, such as fireproof and ordinary is not a grade. Aluminum foil paper is usually used for food storage, such as BBQ Aluminum Foil Paper. It is used to grill bean sprouts, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. during barbecue to avoid burning. Sometimes used for decoration. Modern aluminum foil paper is made of aluminum and can also be used as an aluminum electrode for electrolysis. There are also hair stylists who use perm foil to perm for guests. Some people also use aluminum foil to absorb the oil in the soup. Aluminum foil is also widely used for the barrier layer, heat exchange, and as an electrical conductor. Typically, Food Package Aluminum Foil Paper is only 6.5 microns thick. This thin aluminum layer is water resistant, savory, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling.

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