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What Are The Characteristics Of 304 Stainless Steel Process?

Dec. 24, 2019

Stainless steel products have entered the lives of thousands of families. We cannot live without stainless steel products, but many times we don't know the products we use. Many people only know that the 304 series is a good product, but they don't know the difference between 304 stainless steel plate and other types of plates. Next let 304 Stainless Steel Plate Supplier introduce you in detail.

304 stainless steel plate is a universal and very popular stainless steel material on the market. It has very good stainless corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and good resistance to intergranular corrosion. The rust prevention performance is stronger than the 200 series products, and the high temperature resistance can reach 1000-1200 degrees.

304 stainless steel plate products have strong corrosion resistance, and have good corrosion resistance to ordinary alkali solutions and organic acids and inorganic acids. It is a high alloy steel that can resist corrosion in air or chemically corrosive media. Stainless steel has an aesthetically pleasing surface and good corrosion resistance. It does not require surface treatments such as electroplating to give stainless steel a comprehensive surface performance. One aspect of steel is often referred to as stainless steel.

The production process of 304 stainless steel plate has the following characteristics:

304 Stainless Steel Plate

304 Stainless Steel Plate

1. Oil mill drawing:

304 Stainless Steel Plate has perfect decorative effect after oil grinding. After a single sanding, cold-rolled 304 stainless steel plate can generally achieve good results. At present, there are some processing centers on the market that can provide oil-based frosting of hot-rolled stainless steel, which is comparable to the effect of cold-rolled oil plants. Oily drawing is also divided into filament and staple. Elevator decoration generally uses filament, various small appliances, kitchen utensils and other lines have options.

2. Dry grinding and drawing:

The more common filaments and short filaments on the market, after 316 stainless steel plate, etc., the surface after stainless steel processing shows good decorative effect, which can meet the requirements of general decorative materials. Generally, 304 stainless steel plate can form a good effect after a single scrub. Because this processing equipment has low cost, simple operation, low processing cost, and is widely used, it has become a necessary equipment for processing centers. Therefore, most machining centers can provide abrasive plates with filaments and short wires, of which 304 steel accounts for more than 80%.

3, 8K processing:

In 8K processing, 304 stainless steel plate is significantly better than 200 stainless steel. 8K grinding of 2B cold-rolled surface usually achieves mirror effect after one processing. At present, the 8K grinding process using nitric acid and iron oxide red is inexpensive, the value of the equipment itself is low, the overall grinding cost is low, and it is widely popularized.

4. Titanium:

The choice of high-grade decorative materials has a gorgeous effect. 304 stainless steel has been used for titanium decoration since it is widely used in elevators and building decorative materials.

The above are the process characteristics of 304 stainless steel plate introduced by 304 Stianless Steel Seamless Pipe Factory. Hope to help you.

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